"A Tulsi plant in every house and a neem tree in every street" --Sri Kokila ManjulaSree Mataji..

Sree Seva Foundation (SSF) conducted many Awareness Programmes on Herbal Plantation (Tulasi Plants) and distributed lakhs of plants to the people and are containing both medical & divine values. It is must to grow all the traditional plants (Krishna Tulasi, Lakshmi Tulasi, etc) in our premises. It is appreciable passing the information on importance of traditional plants (Tulasi Plants) to the neighbours. It is more appreciable if provided them a plant to grow at their home.

We have been hearing a lot about the sacred and medicinal value of tulasi (basil plant), in the pravachanam of Manjula Sree Garu we will get a chance to experience the true significance of this sacred plant.

Tulasi Seva with Dollar a Day Program.
By donating a Tulasi plant at the Gou Mandir by spending dollar a day for 30 days,this donation would be used for plantation, grow maintain and nourish the plant at Gou Mandir and it would turn be used for Pooja at Gou Mandir