SSF is an institution rendering services to the Society in various fields. One of the main objectives of SSF is to promote and propagate of the values, beliefs, faiths and the philosophic thoughts associated with the Vedas, heritage, tradition and culture of Hindu Religion.

SSF has published books with meanings of slokas on the Vaidika Vagmaya of Itihasa Puranams and philosophic thoughts associates with Sanskrit Dravida.

SSF has been involved in publishing of various books on Vardha, heritage, tradition and culture of Hindu Religion in addition to Online Monthly Magazine in addition to teaching of Sanskrit Language; conducting Moral, Ethics Classes to both for children & elders, etc. SSF publications are given in the following table.




Sri Vibhoodhi (వీభూధి)​

Brief on the Product

This powder is prepared as per Hindu culture by chanting ‘Bhasma Mantram’ in Adharvana Vedam. It is holy ash which Hindus put it across their forehead during or after prayers. It is also used to put across the body as ‘Lepanam’ and also for ‘Lingabhishekham’. It can also be used as ‘Prasadam’ into stomach.

Goseva & Other Dharmik Activities:

The profit gained out of this product can be used towards fodder expenses of Indian cows. The Vibhooti made available in the market is mixed with paper waste. The customers generally use this vibhooti with water. The Indians have to know how much dangerous to health and how much useful this product as per our Hindu system. Note: One who will perform ‘Lingabhisekham’ wth the Gomaya Vibhooti will definitely get ‘Iha Paraloka Soukyamulu (benefits)’ as per Hindu Sastras.

Drusti Dosha Nivarini (ద్రుష్టి దోష నివారిణి)

Brief on the Product

This product is manufactured based on the method used by Maa Yashoda (Mother of Sri Krishna) for removal of ‘Dhisti (bad look)’ to Srikrishna described in Bhagavatam. If somebody wants to do harm with bad looks, it troubles us. The product is prepared to get relief from that troubles.

Method of using this product:

One should mix this powder into one vessel with water, take rounds across the head in clock-wise & anti-clock direction in 3 times each, and throw this water at a place, where persons did not move. This product can be used when one can feels tired without any reason; after celebration of Birthday party; new couples ready for marriage; while suffering from continuous headache; and kids on daily basis. All Indians will know well, when this product can be used. This ‘Dhisti’ should be done/ performed by elders to the youngers including blood related persons, non-blood related, friends, especially well-wishers.

Katchhuka (Danthamanjan) (దంత మంజన్)​

Brief on the Product

Since the powder has variety of ingredients, it protects from bacteria, teeth and gum problems, if it is used daily. This powder has been used by our forefathers/ ancestors since past many decades preparing by themselves. According to Ayurvedic treatises, panchgavya including Gou Theertha possess powerful antibacterial, antifungal and anti- pollutant properties, which keep teeth strong and clean, check tooth decay, pyorrhea & bleeding. The preparation is very simple but the result is high. This powder may be used by all age groups in the morning and night. It changes black gums into pink gums. One cannot think about the taste of tooth paste/powder and has to look into the protection capacity of our teeth and gums. Every citizen of India has to know the tooth powder must have to protect bacteria and strengthen our teeth and gums.

Bath Powder (గోమయ స్నాన లేపన చూర్ణం - సున్నిపిండి)​

Brief on the Product

This powder is used for bathing purpose instead of bath-soap, which is made of chemicals. It opens the tiny blood vessels in the outermost layers of skin, which protects the skin diseases. It helps to shine the skin, removal of stress, and gives peacefulness after bathing. It protects the skin from skin damage. This product is made with gomaya powder, multhani matti, neem and other ingredients. It gives a smooth, flawless and glowing complexion when used over 2-3 weeks of time. More it does not have any side effects as all the ingredients are purely natural and this can be used from kids who are older than 2 years to adults. It also helps to eliminate skin problems like acne, pimples and freckles. The ingredients which are required for this powder which gives an amazing fairness and glow to the skin. One can add the required amount of powder in a bowl add rose water/plain water/ milk .Wet your face and body and gently apply the mixture in circular direction on your face and body. Rinse off with water . This powder can also be used as a alternative for soaps for kids and adults. This powder can also be used as bath powder instead of chemical soap. One can get fresh skin from dead skin and also removes dirt from the skin after using this powder. 

Patra Sudhi (Thirumanjana Churnam) (పాత్ర శుద్ధి - తిరుమంజన చూర్ణం)​

Brief on the Product

This powder can be used for cleaning the all types of utensils used especially pooja purposes, God idols and other utensils used for spiritual and ritual purposes. This product is prepared with powder made from Gomaya Bhasmam, so that the importance of this powder is very high. One can use this product and get the benefits by using the product daily.

Note: The devotees usually can wash utensils used for pooja, brass (Ithadi), copper (Raagi), silver, gold, bronze (Kanchu) and Pancha Loha metals and has good importance.) It will give not only good shining but also gives spiritual worthiness as per social customs.

Panchagavya - Sthala Sudhi (పంచగవ్య - స్థలశుద్ది)​

Brief on the Product

In general, Sthala Sudhi Jalam (Water) is used by mixing 3 to 4 spoons of powder into water before performing good & auspicious occasions (marriages, birthdays, homams, festivals, etc) and after bad occasions (death ceremonies, etc) as per Indian customs. The water mixed with the powder is to be dispensed all places of house (inside and outside), which results in protect from bad things. This product can also be used for removal of ‘Myla Sudhi’ after Grahanam; and also for removal of ‘Asouchamu’ (after death ceremony), etc. This product can be used in houses, shops and commercial establishments for Prokshana during festival and important days. The ingredients used in this product are Panchagavya, turmeric and other significant ingredients.

Method of Usage:

Take two spoons of Sthala Sudhi powder and mix into water by murmuring “Govinda Naamam”. After that, one can spread the water mixed with powder at all places of house or shop by using mango leaf or betel leaf.

Yagna Phalam (Homa Samidhalu) (యజ్ఞఫలం - హోమ సమిధలు)​

Brief on the Product

This product is prepared with the ingredients, which are required as per ‘Hindu Sastra’, so this product is more useful to one who want to perform/complete Yagna and get ‘Yagna Phala’ from Yagnam. This product is prepared with a mix of cow ghee, Pancha Pallava Samidhalu, Navadanyalu (mixed with nine types of grain), pelalu, Go Mutram and homa samidhala powder. This product is mostly used in Yagnas. Note: One can donate/drop this pocket/product in ‘Hundi’ instead of currency coins/notes in the temples. The temple authorities use this product in the Yagnams directly while performing.

Another Usage of this Product:

This product can also be used during camphor fire/smoke (sambrani dhupam) during the festivals and Fridays for kids/children. This fire smoke gives health to all age groups but also cleans the environment. It releases oxygen.

Pain Balm​

Brief on the Product

The balm is effective in giving relief from headache, cold and nasal block. The ingredients used in the product are ghee, Ajwain seeds, wax, haldi, menthol, pacha. It is very easy to use this product. One can apply over forehead, temples, nose and chase. It can be used for external use only. This will not give any side effects and is completely made with herbal products. 

Navagraha Dhoop

Brief on the Product

This product is prepared with Navadanyalu, cow ghee, dung and urine. The stick is lighten for one hour. The lighted incense (dhoop) gives continuous light/smoke and ends about in one hour. The lighting of dhoop in our home means performing Navagraha Yagnam in our home. The product can be used in homes, business establishments, schools, hospitals and all places. It gives positive aura. In that atmosphere, one can get Divine energy; removal of Graha Peedas; and get all types of happiness.

Cow Dung Cakes

Brief on the Product

Cow dung of Indian cows have following few properties which is not present in hybrid cows. Dung of Indian cows in normal condition of health is of solid consistency. It is always covered by thin membrane. It always has a pleasing odour. This cow dung cake is mixed with some herbs that make it an eco-friendly. The unique cow dung cake is prepared after extensive research and tests by experts. Cow dung of indigenous cows possesses anti radiation and anti-pollutant properties. This product can be used by burning cakes at the sunrise and sunset with cow ghee, camphor, basil and dhoop. This product can also be used for firing sambrani (benzoin) to the children and kids.


Brief on the Product

Purely herbal product. An effective antibacterial, insecticidal, fungicidal and mosquito repellent. It is a natural odour and non-toxic mosquito repellent. The Hindus believes that this type of cleaning with Gou Mutram (Phenyle) is called ‘Vaidika Sudhi’ as per Sastras. This product can be used in household purpose. According to Ayurvedic treatises, Panchgavya, including Gou theertha, possess powerful antibacterial, antifungal & anti-pollutant properties. The unique Phenyl prepared after extensive researched and tests by experts. The ingredients used in the product are Goumutra ark, water, pine oil, permitted and other needy herbs and perfumes. It should be keep out of reach of children and keep away from fire. Store in a cool dark place. We normally supply in 1000 ml bottle, but we can also supply in bulk quantities.

Masaj Thailam

Brief on the Product

The massage with this Thailam helps the blood to absorb most of the content of the thaila directly to the blood and cure the areas of injury. This Thailam is most popular general massage oil. It is a fragrant, earthy oil containing herbs. It is good for all body types. Featuring a potent anti-oxidant effect, it rejuvenates the body and skin and increases immunity. Beneficial for neurological and rheumatic diseases, as well as chronic Vata conditions and pre- and post-natal care. It is also a fine Shirodhara and head oil. The ingredients used in the product are matti vellu (roots), sesame oil (nuvvula nune), bala thailam, etc. This is used for external application all over body both head and body. Apply lightly heated oil on entire body or affected part

Masaka Nasini (Mosquitoes Killer)

Brief on the Product

Mosquito coil with totally valuable herbs base. Goodness of Panchagavya for air purification. Natural odour. This unique mosquito coil has been prepared after extensive research and tests by experts. No harmful chemicals. No adverse effects on adults or children. The ingredients used in this product are Panchgavya, citronella oil, camphor dust, neem oil, wood powder, guggilam, sambrani and other ingredients. This product can be keep away from humidity and keep in at dry place.

Sukha Nidra

Brief on the Product

Sukha Nidra (sound sleep) will help you sleep better at night and be more energetic. One can use two drops of this product (Sukha Nidra) into each of nose canals and also rub at the centre of the stomach (belly) with two drops in both nostrils before going to bed. This product is made with cow ghee and other ingredients. All age group persons can use this product daily for sound sleep before going to bed.

Gou Ark

Brief on the Product

This product is prepared with cow urine after processing. It has resistance powder. The products is beneficial in several ailments like pain, abdominal disorder, constipation, skin diseases, heart problem, cancer, wound, fever, leprosy, cough, asthma, swelling, urinary disorders, eyes diseases, jaundice, piles and problems of reproductive organs. The unique Ark has been prepared after extensive research and tests by experts. Ark is easy to Digest. Boosts Immunity. Eliminates Vata Pitta. This product can be taken with empty stomach in the morning for better results. Adult can use 10 ml with 20 ml water and a child can use 1 ml to 5 ml with 10 ml water.

Drava Jeevamrutham

Brief on the Product

The product will be prepared with cow dung, mix of flour powder (grains), jaggery and keep them in shade. One can use this product in place of DAP and there is no need of any chemical fertilizers whatsoever now using. Crops will grow healthily. After weeding one can apply manure again. Cow urine and dung are fermented for three days, filtered and applied in field. There are no chemicals. The farmers can get yield very good.
This product can be used in loose form for cultivation of paddy and in the form of balls for mango cultivation, kitchen gardening, etc.


Brief on the Product

Seed treatment is carried out using biological extracts such as water, desi cow dung, cow urine, lime and soil (puttamatti) in order to protect seeds from fungal infections. The above mixture termed as ‘Beejamnrutha’ can be used to treat seeds, seedlings or any planting material. The planting material has to be simply dipped in ‘Beejamrutha’ taken out and planted. Beejamrutha protects the crop from harmful soil borne and seed borne pathogens during the initial stages of germination and establishment.

Keeta Nasini

Brief on the Product

One of the biggest concerns for farmers is insects control. When insects grow in farmland they can damage the crops and decrease the crop yield of the farm. To get rid of the insects without killing the crop, many farmers spray their fields with herbicides. Herbicides are also made up of strong chemicals. “Keeta Nasini’ is an organic product, it will kill the insects but it protects the crop from strong chemicals. Farmers can grow healthy products by using Keeta Nasini with Organic System. The Keeta Nasini will be prepared to kill the insects in the agriculture farming. ‘Keeta Nasini’ will be mixed into required quantity of water and sprayed on the crops at certain intervals as directed. The farmers will get good yielding. This is very useful for Indian farming/cultivation and can be used for all types of crops.

Ghana Jeevamrutham

Brief on the Product

The product will be prepared with cow dung, cow urine, mix of grain flour powder, jaggery and ‘gattu mannu’. The preparation process is very simple. One should keep the cow dung in shade. Then, mix the cow urine, jiggery, grain flour powder and gattu matti in suggested quantities. This mix will be covered with a gunny bag for 24 hours. Then, the product will be ready for use. This product can be used up to six months. One can use this product in place of DAP and there is no need of any chemical pesticides whatsoever now using. Crops will grow healthily. This product can be stored in a shade and dry place. Do not wet/soak the product with water.

The product will give good results after applying the Ghana jeevamrutham (manure), at the time of planting the plants in the fields. The product can be made of balls, keep the balls in dry grass under drip irrigation or keep at the flow of water. Cow urine and dung are fermented for three days, filtered and applied in field. There are no chemicals. The farmers can get yield very good.This product can be used in loose form for cultivation of paddy and in the form of balls for mango cultivation, kitchen gardening, etc.

Face Pack

Brief on the Product

It is a purely herbal face pack that takes care of dark circles, marks and other facial skin problems. After using of this Gou product it gives better complexion, reduce marks and dark circles. It reduces other facial skin problems, heal facial blemishes, etc. The ingredients used in our product are Multani Mitti , Haldi, Gomay Putam Powder, Raktha Chandan and some herbal ingredients required. One can use face pack on a regular basis and apply with milk, curd or water after mixing. This can only used for externally. This paste applied on the face can be washed with cool water after passing of 3 – 4 minutes time. The tights the skin and controls the pimples. This product can be used both male and female. This can also be used around the eye also.This product can be used in loose form for cultivation of paddy and in the form of balls for mango cultivation, kitchen gardening, etc.

Dhoop Sticks​

Brief on the Product



Brief on the Product

This product can be used for the children above 3 months of age for digestion.

** All the above Products & Publications are available in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana States only.
** Panchagavya Products made at Goshalas by Dwakra Women.
** All the Books & CD’s are prepared by Sri Tiruppavai Kokila Manjula Sree Mataji.