" It is said that offering respect to the cows will enable a devotee to Diminish the reactions of his/ her past sinful activities" - SKANDA PURANA

By serving the Cows one receives tremendous spiritual benefit. Feeding grains to the Cows, offering pooja, or simply a scratch under the neck will please these peaceful personalities and attracts the attention of Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Govinda. It is said that “One should gently scratch the body of a Cow, offer her a mouthful of green grass and reverentially circumambulate her. If Cows are maintained nicely and comfortably, Lord Gopal will be pleased.” Thereafter, mother Yashoda and Rohini, along with the other elderly gopikaas, waved about the switch of a Cow to give full protection to the child Sri Krishna.

One should understand that every person has to perform GauSeva compulsorily at least once in their lifetime. SreeSeva Foundation (SSF) has been conducting Yagnam on every Amavasya (Sri Sudarsana, Navagraha, Kamadhenu, Mruthyunjaya Yagnam) and Poornima (SreeYagam with Annaparamannam) as per Vedic system.

The 1st attribute in GAU seva is GAU Pooja and GAU Danam, the Sree Seva foundation under theguidance of Sri.ThiruppavaiKokilaManjulaSree has highlighted the importance of GO seva who has dedicated her life to the cause of GAU seva. This has been achieved through bringing awareness on the importance of GAU Pooja. It has been stated in the Indian scriptures and the BharatiyaSanathanaDharmam that everyhuman being should worship GAU on various occasions – during Birthdays, Marriage, Shashtipurthi, and even if we escape from worshipping the GAU on these occasions, we are bound to worship it on one’s death as written. This is the way the Sreeseva foundation has been conducting the GAU dhanam so far through discourses on the importance of GAU.


This is the concept of SAPTA GO PRADAKSHINA, Sree Seva Foundation (SSF) has started this in above 200 temples in the year 2006 coordination with Endowment department. This step had lead to the increase in devotees worshipping the GAU MAATA. This was taken up by a team of the SreeSeva Foundation (SSF) establishing the SREE GOKULAM in the Vayvyam (North West) side of the temple. This is to understand that as God is main in the temple the same goes with the GAU.


GOMAATA worship is equal to worshipping 330,0,00,000 OF Main Gods and Goddesses, at it is a form of Goddess of wealth Lakshmi. GAU seva, Govinda Seva, Gayathri Seva, Geeta Seva, Guru seva and Ganga Seva are bharathyia dharmas the remaining sevas come under GAU Seva.Our bharathiya sashtras clearly state that Godaanam is very important and it needs to be performed during various occasions in our life like – birthdays, marriage,Shashtiputri but with our aagnyam (ignorance) we forget to perform Godaanam even if we perforform other daanams(charities) , it is still very important to perfoem it. Even after one’s death his/her sons can perform Gau Dhanam to bring peace to their soul. The positive effect ofr Godaanam is more when we perform this sacrifice while we are alive.

Though there are Cows around the world, this kind of importance and considering the GOMAATA sacred is practiced in India alone. In the modern days of concrete culture and people moving to different parts of the world, we can consider worshipping a GOLDEN IDOL of the GAU to receive the same goodness and blessings, as in Ramayana Lord Sri Rama performed the Pooja with a GOLDEN IDOL of Sita.