The Sanskrit term PANCHAGAVYA means "five products from the cow". These are Desi cow's dung, urine, milk, curd and ghee.,Known as PANCH AMRUTH

The medicinal values got from the GAU are known to all, various products like Milk, Curd, Ghee, Cow Urine, Cow Dung have been proved to have healing properties and are used on many occasions by us like during Poojas, ceremonies etc. The idea of self-sustainability of the GOSHALAS has been brought in by Sri.ManjulaSreegaru through marketing the PANCHAGAVYA Products. Various camps have been conducted in this regard where NABARD officials and higher authorities have been helpful in understanding such needs and working with our foundation on the same.

“Panchagavya” is a term used to describe five major substances, obtained from Cow, which include Cow’s Urine, Milk, Ghee, Curd and Dung. All the five products possess medicinal properties against many disorders and are used for the medicinal purpose singly or in combination with some other herbs. This kind of treatment is called Panchagavya therapy or cowpathy. Distilled Cow’s urine Called as “Go Mutra Ark”. It balances the three doshas (vizVath, Pith and Kafam) of the body, hence it can be consumed by anyone, who wants to maintain good health. It is a system of medicine just like as homeopathy, allopathy or naturopathy. The ancient Ayurvedic literature suggests a number of pharmacological applications of the substances obtained from Panchagavya. These substances are abundantly used in Ayurveda for treatment of several disorders such as leucoderma, hyperlipidemia, arthritis, renal disorders, dietary disorders, gastro intestinal track disorders, acidity, asthma etc. These remedies seem to be potent anticancer and anti HIV agents. Panchagavya is also used as fertilizers and pesticides in agricultural/ayurvedic operations.

Recently Cow Urine, particularly for its use along with antibiotics for the control of bacterial infection and fight against cancers. The Panchagavya products also show many other applications viz. excellent agricultural applications in the form of bio-fertilizers, vermi-compost and bio-pesticides, which improves soil fertility and provide food grains free from the health hazards of using chemical fertilizers/pesticides. A systematic work needs to be carried out on chemical nature, biological activity, microbiology and pharmaceutical aspects and mechanism of bioactive compounds in Panchagavya. In the past due emphasis has not been given to the cow therapy which needs attention of scientific community.

Ecological Balance:

  • Biogas generation (for energy conservation)
  • Manure – Ghana Jeevamrutham (for soil conservation and fertility of land)

Health Related:

  • Medicines like Ghanvati (Health Pills), Go-ark (Distilled cow urine, used as a health tonic for prevention and cure of all cancer diseases), Nasal Drops, Pain Balm, NaariSanjeevani (for women) BalaSanjeevini (for children), KsheeraBala, etc.
  • Chemical free lifestyle products like Bathing Powder, Danthamanjan (Tooth Powder), Dhoop Sticks, Face Pack, etc.

Spiritual Concerns:

  • Sri Vibhuthi
  • Drishti Dosha Nivarini
  • Sthala Suddhi
  • Patra Suddhi
  • Yagna Phalam
  • Homa Samidhaas
  • Drishti Dosha Nivarini

In addition to the above, more than 500 panchagavya products have been manufacturing in India.