Sree Gokulam

Sree Gokulam: The first move in Gou Raksha.

First time in the history of temples in undivided Andhra Pradesh, SREE GOKULAM Programme was introduced under the guidance of Sri Kokila Manjula Sree garu.


This is the concept of SAPTA GO PRADAKSHINA, Sree Seva Foundation (SSF) has started this in above 200 temples in the year 2006 onwards on co ordination with Endowment department. Sree Gokulam is worshiping Cows in particular manner,a setup of 7 Cows shall be kept. This step had led to the increase in devotees worshipping the GOMAATA. This was taken up by a team of the SreeSeva Foundation (SSF) establishing the Sreegokulams in the Vayuvyam(North West) side of the temple. This is to understand that as God is main in the temple the same goes with the Gomaata.


​Not only establishment of Sree Gokulams , SSF trained GOPALAKAAS to induce taking care of Gomaataas. ie. Feeding, cleaning, sanitation and also Vedic process of worship. The Endowment Department of Andhra Pradesh employed 2 Gopaalaks for each Sree Gokulam by taking the responsibility of their salaries as well.

With great commitment of SreeKokilaManjulaSreeAmmagaaru Endowment Dept. has adopted SreeGokulams over 200 main temples have started Sree Gokulam.. After that a great revolutionary devotion started about Gomaata,Specially in South India and thus, started thousands of Sree Gokulams and Goshalas. Sree Gokulam is a Divine and blessed concept which received appreciation not only by devotees , but all categories of public and by State Govt. , which generated employment and also revenue to the temples.

So, Dear BhagavatBandhuCow and Ox are useful animals to Man and Nature, hence we are fond of them to that extent , We must even consider them worthy of Worship. Their protection, sustenance and well-being is our duty, In that sense alone it is also our DHARMA.


Providing food like fodder or grass to a GAU is not ignored or does’nt go in waste it is considered as serving GOD himself. As the GAU Seva lets us move thousands of God’s with our devotion, as the GAU accepts and feeds on our offerings,this seva is considered very auspicious and noble.

It is said that even serving a single COW is enough to attain bliss for the number of lives equal to the number of hair on the body of the GOU..

Grass for One Cow One Day $1 (Dollor A Day Programme), Per month $30

  • One Day for all cows $51
  • Cow Adoption on Your name $401
  • Godaanam (priest, homam, Prasadams with all formalities) $501
  • Amavaasya Gopooja per one month $3
  • Amavaasya Gopooja per one year $61


SFF has identified the need to construct a temple for this sacred and holy GAU, it would be the first of its kind in the world and SFF is proud to mention that in the world there is no single temple dedicated to the GAU.
Donations are accepted from devotees for the construction of Gomandir and the name of devotees who offer 51$ Or Above will be itched on the temple floor. The donar and their families are bound to get blessings through Pooja and endless blessings from Gomata….

Since the sacred Gau would walk with their cloven hoof (feet) around on the itched floor, the names would be drenched with Gau milk, urine and dung which are considered as auspicious and holy. In temples we devotees offer abhishekam to God’s idols but in this mandir the sacred cow would offer us abhishekam.
Participate in Sthala Seva..
For Sthala Seva minimum donation accepted is $ 11
1Sq.yard $150
One Pillar $ 2,150