JAI KISAN: As we all know that agriculture is the backbone of India, and the food produce comes from the farmers in the rural arears, Also, we as people know that our survival depends on eating food (rice/graings) in any age. So, we should understand that inspite of being in modern times we cannot live by eating computer chips and our survival depends on eating rice grains alone.. the SreeSeva Foundation (SSF) believes that if the farmer is fine and happy we are all going to be happy as we depend on them for our food. We need to hence identify the hard work of the farmers and reward it. Sree Manjula Sree Ammagaru has been thoroughly been supporting the idea of bringing in awareness on the place where the GAU should be, as she states like one’s children are supposed to be with their mother and father, likewise the cows should be with their parents who are farmers”. If the Cows are in GAU SHALAS there would not be much use, so the idea is to educate the farmers on Organic farming and distribute the Cows/Oxes to deserving farmers among them, through this the land gets more fertile. The foundation has distributed over a thousand cows in this manner. Even the people who approached the foundation to start their own Gosalas have been encouraged by Sri.Manjula Sree Amma garu and She has distributed many Cows to such noble people recognised by Govt. Of Andhra Pradesh, Dept. Of Agriculture, and laid a foundation to this Seva activity.

SSF has expanded its coverage to include other vulnerable communities and farmers. SSF has developed expertise in training and publications thereby consolidating its work and reaffirming its commitment.

The agriculture department identifies farmes who are into organic farming and then the Sree Seva Foundation distributes Cows for free to this worthy farmers.This distribution is performed in the presence of the district’s agricultural officer who is in charge. This enables the concept of zero budget farming as the farmers can continue farming easily and organically.

SSF has been supporting of manufacturing the Cow based Agricultural products with PANCHAGAVYAS from its Goshala and process the same through processing units, and selling the same in the States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. SSF has been giving training on “Manufacture of Panchagavya Products” at its Goshala since a long time and creating awareness on the medicinal values, importance and advantages of Panchagavya products among the general public to protect the Indian Cow.

SSF has been providing training to farmers in organic farming using indigenous Cow based organic farm products. The main objectives of the programme is to increase or improvement in farm production and productivity through adoption of Organic Farming with appropriate technologies leading to increase or improved income earnings to farmers.