Sree Kriya

About Sree Kriya:

It’s a process of Soorya Namaskaaraas, Pranaayam with SREE mantra chanting and Meditation by which you can spread positive vibrations in and around you. It brings inner happiness and positive strength to stay peaceful all the time. Your commitment from now is that you ensure to perform Sree Kriya once a week for 45 minutes. Mataji would Chant the Sree Mantra and it would be followed by short pranayama and relaxes. Apart from Indians, many Americans – who have Performed Sree Kriya in different parts of USA & Dubai have been experiencing positive results instantly. As the lungs take more Prana sakti (Oxygen) from atmosphere, it works as a tonic for the body and purifies the blood. It helps control high B.P. Apart from these it tranquilizes and stabilizes the mind and thus easily helps control anger. This pranayam can even be practiced at times when one feels tired, angry or even when in depression, hence you can overcome all of them.

SSF is very happy to get good response from this course in many locations. It is usually taught with course free. SSF is conducting it at many of the devotees’ houses, community halls and in many schools without charging any fees. With this Sree Kriya, we can get the benefits of Prana Sakti, Mantra Sakti and Japa Sakti.

What is Pranayam:

Pranayam has been derived from two Sanskrit words ..Pran and Ayam. It means, to expand the Pranic energy of the body. Normally it is understood only as a respiration technique of inhaling and exhaling . It is true that the level of Oxygen increases in the body through Pranayam, but the meaning is not limited to this.

As per Tarka Sastram “Sareeraantah sanchaaree Vaayuhu Praanascha”

‘Pran is a life-giving energy which is subtler than Oxygen and is present everywhere. In Pranayam, special breathing techniques are used to encourage that very vital force.

Our lifestyle deeply effects the Pranic forces. Our actions, sleep, Diet, Thought, Senses..etc. All have an effect on our Pancha Pranas (ie. Praana Vaayu , Apaana Vaayu , Samaana Vaayu, Udaana Vaayu , Vyaana Vaayu ) . Irregularity in our lifestyle depletes Pranic Energy and leads to Pranic Blockages. That is why people feel the loss of energy from time to time. Sri Kriya leads to ailments in Organs and muscles. The various modulations of Sri Kriya practices help expand this forces and balance the Five types of Pranas in the body.


  • It is necessary to follow some of the basic rules of Pranayam for deriving its benefits, otherwise it can have an adverse effect.
  • While doing SRI KRIYA , that day should take head bath..
  • Food must be consumed 3 to 4 hours before performing the Kriya and water 1 hour prior.
  • It should be practiced where adequate fresh air is available.
  • Best time for Performing Sri Kriya at Sun rise and Sun set.. Preferably Fridays OR Sundays, weekley once only.
  • Eyes should be closed , So that mind does not get diverted.
  • Sit in Yoga mudra ( Acharya mudra / with open hands, seeing sky)
  • Loose – fittings and White / Yellow clothes are advisable while performing the Kriya.
  • Should face towards East OR South direction while performing Kriya.
  • Minimum Five members should participate to get energies from Pancha Bhootaas. Our body is made with Pancha Bhootaas. Sri Kriya is an excellent bridge to connect with external Pancha Bhootaas around us.
  • One can sit in any meditative Aasan, But the spine and neck should be straight. And Pooraka, Kumbhaka, Rechaka ( Inhale & Exhale) should be followed. If not it may effect adversely.
  • You should not exhaust yourself while practicing Pranayam OR it may effect adversely.
  • Versely Participants are preferable to perform Kriya sitting on the floor ( by using Carpets OR Yoga mats) “if not” they can use chairs.
  • Keep a slight smile on your face while practicing Pranayam. Let there be no sign of tension in our face.
  • Sri Kriya Mantra can be taken by all , Even if they already had Mantra from their Gurus.
  • “Sree ” is another name of Maa Laxmi. Along with Pranayam , say in your mind SREEM, during inhalation and KLEEM…. during exhalation. (Upaansu-without sounding pronouncing.. and should be movement of lips). Years should listen the mantra.. which is in your mind.
  • your mind. Inhale (SREEM) slowly and deeply and inflate your abdominal area to hour possibility without any tension. Relax the abdominal muscles while exhaling slowly (KLEEM) .In this position, the diaphragms moves upwards and the abdomen downwards. Breath IN and OUT equally and rhythmically.
  • Do not expand the chest or move the shoulders. Rather just feel the expansion and contraction of the abdomen.

General Precautions

Those suffering from hernia and colitis should not perform backward bending Asans. Those suffering from backache or sciatica should not perform forward bending Asans. Those who have high blood pressure or heart ailments should not perform Asans in which excessive effort is required. Pregnant Women and Cardiac Patients should not participate in Kriya without approval from the concern trainer.

The Time of the Asans should not be overdone.Beginning level 10 seconds per each posture, and can increase up to 25 seconds later . Those who have suffered a fracture in the past should not perform Asans that exert pressure on that bone(s) until the fracture has completely healed.

If you feel tired or exhausted, stop the Asanas /Pranayam for a while, lie down in Shavaasan, and while breathing deeply, bring the body back to normal condition.

DISCLAIMER: Any liability, loss or damage resulting from the practice of the yoga postures, pranayama, exercises, advice and information given in this website, including but not limited to lifestyle changes, is expressly disclaimed.