Anti Age Yoga

Aging is inevitable, but some studies suggest the effects of aging can be reversed. What may be within reach one day, however, are ways to reduce or reverse the effects of aging, and we’re not talking about anti-aging face creams or cosmetic surgery.

Aging Is Reversible at Least in Human Cells and Live Mice. New research suggests It is Possible to Slow or Even Reverse Aging, At least in mice, By undoing Changes in gene Activity—the same kinds of changes that are caused by decades of Life in Humans. Which is not the Actual Goal of any Meditation. Yogic Powers emanated from Penances and Austerities undergone by Ancient Sages. This is known to us through their writings in the Vedas and other Scriptures like the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Bhagavat and Puranas. If interplanetary journey is possible in modern times, medical sciences have discovered new frontiers, there is no such reason to doubt the veracity of such achievements in Ancient Days. If Yogic exercises can cure us from many ailments, it isPossible to achieve Super Natural Powers through Spiritual Healing….

Duration – 90 days

Fees: ₹ 1,00,000/-