Instructions for individuals to participate in the project

  1. Login to and click on the link of “individual registration” to open the registration form.
  2. Provide your personal details correctly while filling up the form. Take care that spelling of your name and town is correct as it will be printed as it is on your certificate.
  3. Users who have logged in with their Google account or Facebook need not to verify their phone number.
  4. Learn Suryanamaskar with the help of the video available on website.
  5. If participant is having any medical issue they must consult their doctor before participating in the Suryanamaskar project as it involves 8 minute physical workout with body bending.
  6. One can start performing 13 Suryanamaskar everyday from 1st January 2022. It takes only 8 minutes to perform 13 rounds of Suryanamaskar. Every participant has to perform Suryanamaskar for minimum 21 days in the period of 1st Jan to 20th Feb 2022.
  7. To update your daily practice record you have to follow following steps –
    • Log in with Google link or with your registered Whatsapp no and password.
    • Click on the “Calender” link on your profile page
    • Click on the check box according to your day.

    • The data entering process will take less than a minute. Your certificate of participation will be available on website to download if you have practiced and then entered the data for minimum 21 days.
  8. Continuing the practice of Suryanamskar even after the project is completed will benefit you to keep yourself healthy and happy for lifetime.
  9. We wish you all the best and a big thanks for participating in this mega project to celebrate the 75th anniversary of independence.
  10. We would like you to become an inspiration for others by sharing your photo / video of Suryanamaskar. Please post your photo on Facebook/ Twitter/ Koo and HashTag it with
    • #750millionsuryanamaskar

Instructions for institutes

  1. Upload your participants list in .CSV format. Please download the sample .CSV file provided on the “Participant List” link on your profile page and copy- paste / type the names of participants in single column, without any serial number.
  2. To make the process more convenient you can just download and print the sample letter and put the stamp / seal and sign of your institution head on the same piece of paper. Click the photo and convert it into PDF and then upload it. No need of printing same on the letterhead.
  3. Above documents to be uploaded with e-form provided on website.
  4. Information of institute to be filled up.
  5. A Project incharge of institute preferably Physical Education teacher for this project to be appointed by institute head. Her/his contact details to be provided while filling up the e-form.
  6. All the participants of institute shall perform 13 rotations of Suryanamskar for 21 days within 51 days starting from 1st Jan to 20th Feb 2022.
  7. Project head of the program should login to the website, go to calendar and click on the appropriate day to submit your performance record.It takes just 30 seconds to enter.
  8. Users who have logged in with their Google account or Facebook need not to verify their phone number.
  9. Institute can arrange following 4 events in the institute premises –
    • Sankalp Diwas (Any day between 1st to 8th Jan 2022) – All the participants will take training of Suryanamaskar and take oath to participate in the program.
    • Yuwa Diwas (12th Jan 2022) – A lecture on benefits of Suryanamskar to be arranged. You can also plan for a e-lecture provided for this project.
    • Republic Day (26th Jan 2022) – After flag hoisting musical drill of Suryanamaskar to be arranged.
    • Sankal Purti Divas (Any day between 20th to 27th Feb 2022) – On completion of this project institutes to organise a program in which musical suryanamskar will be performed and people involved in the project will get felicitated. This program can be organised jointly with other neighbouring institutes.
  10. Certificates of all the participants will be available to download on submitting the day-wise data for 21 days.
  11. If your institution has appointed additional people to help the project incharge, their names can be added in the list of “volunteers” on the profile page. Head of institute, project incharge and volunteers will also get certificate.
  12. Institutes with maximum participation in the district will be eligible for a trophy.
  13. We would like you to share your photo of Suryanamaskar with others and to become an inspiration for all. Please post your photo on Facebook/ Twitter/ Koo and HashTag it with
    • #750millionsuryanamaskar


One can join the project individually or through any participating institute. Link for registration is provided on the home page of the website.

Mantra and prayer are an integral part of Suryanamskar as it was developed by ancient sages as physical as well as spiritual activity. However it is not compulsory to recite mantra to participate in the 75 crore Suryanamaskar project.

An institute or organisation can participate by registering itself online on our website. It is compulsory to submit the prescribed letter duly signed by the head of the institute along with the seal and stamp of the institute. The letter is available on the “instructions” link on the home page.

There is no minimum or maximum limit for number of participants from an institute.

The 75crore Suryanamaskar project is open for all.

The participant’s record sheet is available on the website. One has to fill the required column daily and submit. It takes hardly a minute to complete the process.

Try to give input on a day to day basis. Still one can input the data within next 5 days of practice.

Early morning is the best time to practice Suryanamaskar but it is not necessary. One can do as per her or his convenience. Keep a gap of one hour between the meal and the practice.

13 is the minimum number of rotation. One can do more but maintain a consistency.

One can perform for 51 days and should keep practicing even after this project is over, However you are required to submit your data only for the period of 21 days

We have provided a video on our website and on the Facebook, twitter and YouTube profiles also. A booklet in PDF format is also available on the website.

Click on the ‘Join as volunteer’ link on the home page of our website. We will contact you.

There is no fee. It’s totally free.