"What is Pranavopaasan"

Pranayam has been derived from two Sanskrit words ..Pran and Ayam. It means, to expand the Pranic energy of the body. Normally it is understood only as a respiration technique of inhaling and exhaling . It is true that the level of Oxygen increases in the body through Pranayam, but the meaning is not limited to this.

As per Tarka Sastram "Sareeraantah sanchaaree Vaayuhu Praanascha" 'Pran is a life-giving energy which is subtler than Oxygen and is present everywhere. In Pranayam, special breathing techniques are used to encourage that very vital force.

After grounding yourself, sit cross-legged, as shown in the picture below

Open the Root Chakra (red). This chakra is based on being physically aware and feeling comfortable in many situations. If opened, you should feel well-balanced and sensible, stable and secure. You don't distrust people around you for no reason. You feel present in what is happening right now, and very connected to your physical body. If it's under-active: you tend to be fearful or nervous, and easily feel unwelcome. If it's over-active: you may be materialistic and greedy. You feel as if you should be secure and are unwelcome to a change.

Yoga is not a religion. It is a Science. Science of well-being, Science of youthfulness, Science of Spirituality, Science of integrating body, mind and soul.

Offering Sooryanamaskarams @ Sunset point, Kanyakumari
by Sri Kokila Manjulasree ji

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