a) Gau Seva

"Offering respect to the Cows will help the devotee to diminish the reactions to his past sinful activities" - Skanda Purana.
By serving the Cows one receives tremendous spiritual benefit. Feeding grains to the Cows, offering pooja, or simply a scratch under the neck will please these peaceful personalities and attracts the attention of Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Govinda. It is said that "One should gently scratch the body of a Cow, offer her a mouthful of green grass and reverentially circumambulate her. If Cows are maintained nicely and comfortably, Lord Gopal will be pleased." Thereafter, mother Yashoda and Rohini, along with the other elderly gopicaas, waved about the switch of a Cow to give full protection to the child Sri Krishna.

One should notice that every person has to perform Gau Seva compulsorily at least once in their lifetime. Sree Seva Foundation (SSF) has been conducting Yagnam on every Amavasya (Navagraha, Kamadhenu, Mruthyunjaya Yagnam) and Poornima (Sree Yagam with Annaparamannam) as per Vedic system for the cow devotees at the following Goshalas.

Sree Gokul Goshala
Road No.71, Near Apollo Gate No.2
Banjara Hills, Bhagyanagar

With a strength of about 30 Cows & Calves
Sree Gokul Goshala
Sreenagar Village (Srisailam Highway)
Survey No.175, Inside Fabcity
Maheshwaram Mandal

With a strength of about 600 Cows & Calves
Sree Gokul Goshala,
Gokarna kshetram,
Sri Silam Highway,
Palamoor dt. Telangana.
Devotees can conduct the Yagnam at our Goshalas. The SSF will provide cow, calf, required pooja material to the devotees and also arrange one Purohit to perform pooja at our above one of the Goshalas selected by you.

· Because of temple construction (in the same premisise) now Road No.71 Goshala is shifted to Jaheerabad.
· 300 cows gave to other Goshala , and Above 700 cows and bulls to farmers for Organic farming.

You can also perform Gau Seva by donating in the following way:

Gau Grasam à You can contribute 1. Gau Grasam (fodder to cows) for one full day on the occasion of Birth Day, Marriage Day and other Special Occasions.

2. Gau Danam: You can purchase cow with calf from the SSF with performing Vedic Yagnam, Gopuja, Prasadams, Yagna Dravyas, etc. The Purohit will be arranged by the SSF to perform the above process to the donor. In addition, SSF will also ready to care take the cow maintenance and the donor has to donate one year maintenance cost for fodder.

3. Govinda Gokulam: We r planning for Gomata Temple construction at Ayyasagaram.. Donations are accepted. Per Sq.ft.$ 116/-

b) Gau Raksha

Cows are the foremost of all things. Themselves sacred, they are the best of cleansers and sanctifiers. People should cherish cows for obtaining prosperity and even peace. There is nothing that is more sacred or sanctifying than cows. Without cow protection and cultivation of the brahminical qualities in human society, at least for a section of the members of society, no human civilization can prosper at any length. In every sastra, cow killing is strongly condemned. Indeed, one who kills a cow must suffer for as many years as there are hairs on the body of a cow.

Protection of Cows is the single-most important principle towards saving the whole world from both moral and spiritual degradation. Simply by protection of Cows all the wonderful benefits of religiosity and piety will be automatically achieved without any separate endeavor. This is because Cows are as beloved to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Krishna, as even saintly brahmanas.

The cow is considered as a sacred animal in Hindu religion. Keeping this concept in mind, Shree Gau Samiti Kutiyana works on care this sacred animal. For this point of view our gaushala trust focus on this great act.