Donation for Amount
Amavaasya Gopooja per one month $3
Amavaasya Gopooja per one Year $61
Cow Adoption on your Name $401
Godaanam (priest,homam , Prasadams with all formalities) $501
Donations are accepted from devotees for the construction of Gomandir and the name of devotees who offer 51$ Or Above will be itched on the temple floor. The donar and their families are bound to get blessings through Pooja and endless blessings from Gomata.

You can get 100% tax deduction benefit through your donation

"Care For Me"

  • This Gomata Idol, can be kept in your Pooja Mandir in the memory of GODAANAM. (Idol is made with pure Selam silver , and thrible coated with 24 carrot Gold)
  • Your GODAANAM kriya will be conducted At Sri Gokulam with all Vedic formalities. You can participate in SKYPE call.
  • The punyam received from Donation of a cow is earned by one person alone and doesn't apply to the whole family. As per Hindu Karma theory
  • To whom can you donate Your Cow ? Brahmin Priest ___OR Farmer ____OR Anyone___
  • Godaanam Seva value $501.